Sunday, February 17, 2008

Shakespeare Daze!

i feel bad for our drama section. its hidden behind a row of spinners. overshadowed by poetry. reduced to being perpendicular to the fiction wall. quite sad, it is. but before you begin weeping into a frilly pillow, let me tell you that help has arrived. tell your sadness to kindly exeunt! stage left 'cause this week the drama section opened up its mouth and took a bite out of poetry forcing Auden and company to shift one shelf down. why? because Shakespeare is back and he's hootin' and hollerin' all the way to Cash Town. you asked for it (well, one guy. Bobby Riles.) and we delivered. a whole shelf of Mr. Shakes. $3.00 per book! grab one or grab em all. you'd finally be able to put some shakespearean insults into some sort of context...

[now, if you hate poetry, you might think it a funny gag to keep people from buying these books thereby keeping the poetry section shrunken by one shelf. i can assure you that this would not really be all that funny. we could always move woody allen to humor and the screenplays to film. so don't even try it, thou caluminous fen-sucked strumpet!]

now that's funny.

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