Monday, February 18, 2008

UBC #3 - Eater's Digest by Lorraine Bodger - hardcover

Eater's Digest by Lorraine Bodger
Stewart, Tabori & Chang c2006 Hardcover

from the back cover: "love food? love trivia? Eaters Digest is the best of both: a smorgasbord of food, fun, and trivia served up in perfect snack-sized portions." so if you've ever wondered why beans give you gas or what to serve at a luau, this handy encycopedia will give you the straight-up facts. it'll also inform you about the different types of sushi, which states have the most restaurants, and which foods were named after real people (re: veal oscar, named after king oscar II of sweden). however, it still doesn't provide a clear scientific explanation as to why a circle of bologna once took the paint off my friend jimmy's '88 ford taurus. regardless...


please call or email to hold or purchase. only one copy, so its first come first serve. please note that we will only keep books on hold at the store for three days (including weekends).

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