Wednesday, February 27, 2008

UBC #7 - The Future Dictionary of America by McSweeney's

The Future Dictionary of America
McSweeney's c2004 First Edition Hardcover

with the help of such diverse literary talent as paul auster, charles baxter, dave eggers, jim shephard, chris ware, diane ackerman, michael chabon, as well as [insert your favorite author here ________ ], this definitive collection of definitions is sure to have you whelping waves of laughter in no time flat. and if anyone can make me whelp, it sure as sheep is diane ackerman. for example: bookmonster babs: babs is a five-foot tall, purple-furred, eggplant-shaped monster with magical yellow boots who travels around the world on a spherical silver hovercraft dispersing her endless library of books to good boys and girls every year on the anniversary of their first read word."i think my first word was something rather blase--like ball or buns. this, i believe, is the norm with children. if you say your child's first word was either doritos, omnivore or lovely schenectady, you are a liar. also, bookmonster babs is a noun.

a very funny

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