Saturday, February 16, 2008


welcome to the official blog of brookline's best used book basement! we've just completed out fourth and most successful year so right off the bat we'd like to thank you, our valued customers (with books to sell and money to burn!) for allowing us to serve you for the last four years. sure, 2003 seems like a lifetime ago. the sox were still cursed and I hadn't yet morphed into a slightly-balding dude with a beer gut. but like those commercials pitching "solid gold disco" and "summer of love boxsets" let me just say: "man, what a magical year that was for books." here's a list of titles published in 2k3 currently in stock here in the cellar (along with our prices):

    time traveller's wife - a. niffenegger ($7.50 )

    shutter island - d. lehane ($4.50)

    devil in the white city - e. larson ($8.00)

    da vinci code - d. brown ($4.50)

    random family - a. leblanc ($8.50)

    reading lolita in tehran - a. nafisi ($8.00)

    stiff - m. roach ($7.50)

    harry potter order of the phoenix - j. rowling ($5.50)

    kite runner - k. hosseini ($8.00)

    living to tell the tale - g. garcia-marquez ($8.00)

    [all books listed are paperbacks]

now then, lets get back to the present. here at the "official UBC blog" we'll be keeping you posted on recent arrivals, noteworthy books, and interesting tidbits from the world of used bookselling. all books listed in this blog are available at the store on a first come first serve basis. you can call or email us to put a book on hold, and you can even pay for books over the phone if you are so inclined, again, on a first come first serve basis. so if you see something you like, act fast.

stay tuned!

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