Sunday, March 23, 2008

a message from Carl

i was going to start this post off with some sort of "dear diary, what a wild weekend!" zinger but thought against it at the last minute. instead i will simply say, "what a wild weekend, diary!" saturday saw the mothership make its way to brookline and drop nearly 400 new titles on our shelves. a few highlights:

    lots of r. crumb books
    three kara walker monographs
    the re-emergence of our bat-man phone
    someone's eric ambler collection
    ditto for agatha christie
    fifteen plane ticket stubs
    william gaddis's agape agape
    several books on bookbinding
    a book on the history of prison escapes
    five krazy kat collections

huge high fives go out to all who came out this weekend to sell or buy. especially which ever one of you bought the huge oprah book we had on display. man, that beast weighed a ton. that's like lugging a spare tire home with you. kudos to you for pulling the trigger on that purchase. i hope your loved ones appreciate you.

nonetheless, we've got plenty left in the tank for the rest of you. throughout the week i'll be throwing some of the more eclectic items up here on the blog for all to enjoy. so stay tuned!


[ WARNING shameless self-promotion content ]
in the news, i'll be reading some of my poems here at the booksmith on june 8th as i open up for the great zach schomburg (who co-runs octopus books). come watch me attempt to warm up a crowd with ten minutes of inside jokes! plus, the first three people to mention the blog will be given a chance to rifle through our classic rock cds. it'll be a great afternoon as i've long admired zach/mathias/Octopus Book's aesthetic and quality control. i'll be making up some chapbooks to sell, too. and if there are any copies left, i'll be selling some greying ghost titles.

that's all for today.
more books to follow!


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