Monday, March 24, 2008

UBC #14 - First Diasporist Manifsto by R.B. Kitaj

First Diasporist Manifesto
By R.B. Kitaj
Thames And Hudson Press c1989 Softcover

From the back cover: "Kitaj, one of the most important painters working today, declares here his credo on art and life, in a manifesto equal in power and intent to those- like the Surrealists', the Futurists' or the Constructivists' - which have signalled a radical change in the course and perception of art and life."

Kitaj's opening statement speaks volumes: "Painting is not my life. My life is my life. Painting is a great idea i carry from place to place." With over 60 black and white illustrations and lucid aesthetic hallucinations, The First Diasporist Manifesto ranks high on the list of all-time greatest manifestos. Right up there with Karl Marx, Malcolm Gladwell's Talent Myth, and the one by that guy who lived in the woods and set beard-cred back fifteen years.


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