Monday, March 31, 2008

UBC #17 The World of Science Fiction by Lester Del Rey

The World of Science Fiction 1926-1976
by Lester Del Rey
Del Rey Press 1979 Paperback

From the back cover: "Lester Del Rey has lived through all of science-fiction's history-and, as a fan, an agent, and one of the field's major writers and editors, he's contributed to a lot of it. In his absorbing and authoritative account of SF's first half century, del Rey analyzes its booms and busts;...From Amazing Stories to Star Wars, from space opera to works that rank with the best, here is the full story of science fiction as it's never been told before."

I've never heard of space operas. The glossary states that space operas are "analogous to horse operas in Westerns." There is nothing in the glossary about "horse operas". there is an entry for FIAWOL: Fandom Is A Way Of Life--"A somewhat exaggerated statement used by those who take fandom seriously." Somewhat?. This book is nuts. I'm going to go eat a burrito and ponder all this.


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