Sunday, April 6, 2008

UBC #20 The Penguin Dorothy Parker 1978 PB

The Penguin Dorothy Parker
by Dorothy Parker
Penguin Publishing c1978
UK Edition

So what if i'm only posting this because it happens to be one of my all-time favorite book covers? This illustration is by Michael Farrell. Perhaps the same Michael Farrell that starred on M*A*S*H? That's more of a rhetorical question. I tried doing a google search to no avail. I will just blatantly assume the two are one in the same. As an added bonus, whoever buys this book gets a free helicopter ride over the store where you can watch me spell out "GOODBYE" on the roof in used books! Oh, and Dorothy Parker is ok too, I guess. Sorry for the crummy scan.

[the helicopter ride will pretty much never happen, but the other part...].


please call or email to hold or purchase. only one copy, so its first come first serve. please note that we will only keep books on hold at the store for three days (including weekends).

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