Tuesday, April 8, 2008

UBC #21 Eros The Bittersweet by Anne Carson

Eros: The Bittersweet
by Anne Carson
Princeton University Press c1986 Paperback

Though I dig Anne Carson's poetry, my shameful lack of knowledge of ancient history and literature will not do this book justice. So I will just flip this book over and pick a quote from the back while I wait for my water to boil on the stove. Bernard Knox lovingly exudes: "This is an extraordinary book -- the book of a poet, a subtle critic, and a scholar. It is also a brilliant piece of writing: flawlessly phrased throughout, constantly surprising but never disappointing, and laced with a wit that is all the more effective because it is perfectly disciplined." Sounds great, Bernie. Also, here's a link to an Anne Carson poem. Or if perhaps you don't like that one, you might like this in its stead.


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