Sunday, April 13, 2008

UBC #22 - The Owl Papers!

The Owl Papers
by Jonathan Evan Maslow
w/ Drawings by Leonard Baskin
Dutton, INC c1983 Hardcover
1st Edition & Printing

Jonathan Evan Maslow really likes owls. Leonard Baskin really likes Maslow for really liking owls. Broken up into four sections, one each for the season, this book is the meeting of these two kindred spirits-- filled with the poetic voice of an avid owl admirer and the beautiful black and white drawings of the inimitable Leonard Baskin. Throughout much of this collection, Maslow is a man possessed. He hunts down the birds of wisdom and doom like an old english detective, with Baskin serving as his Watson. While flipping through the pages, I [its always about me in the end] hark back to the time an owl flew into our attic space, sending our cats into a blood-hungry rage. It eventually left out of sheer boredom, without me having to climb a ladder and give it the bum's rush. This book reminds me of that relief. Hooray for owls. Plus, Leonard Baskin, he's the guy from that ice cream chain, no? Baskin-Robbins? Robins? Owls?* Is this thing even on?

*It was either this, or a Who joke. I took the easy route, so sue me.


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