Thursday, April 17, 2008

UBC #23 - Ralph Eugene Meatyard Photo Book

Ralph Eugene Meatyard
by Ralph Eugene Meatyard
Steidl/International Center of Photography
c2004 Hardcover / 1st Edition
w/ Intro by Guy Davenport

Meatyard's style: a marriage between a devil and a comic with impeccable timing. Each photo in this collection represents misfortune in its most fragmented, and sometimes illuminating form. There're folks lying unconscious. There're innocent kids in grotesque masks. There're dilapidated homes, rambling fields, post-industrial decay, and blurred tree branches. This is the stuff (and last names) that makes amateurish hacks like me drool with envy. HOORAY! MEATYARD!

you can view more of R.E. Meatyard's photos | here and here
while you're at it, feel free to post links to your flickr accounts in the comments
field. i'll start with mine

[you read that correctly. if you think that exorbitant, check out what this puppy is going for on eBay! Yar! Show us some love!]

please call or email to hold or purchase. only one copy, so its first come first serve. please note that we will only keep books on hold at the store for three days (including weekends).

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