Saturday, April 26, 2008

UBC #24 - Baseball Diamonds

Baseball Diamonds
Tales, Traces, Visions &Voodoo From A Native American Rite
by Kevine Kerrane & Richard Grossinger
Anchor Press / Doubleday
c1980 paperback

T.S. Eliot once said that April is the cruelest month. Sounds like T.S. didn't care much for baseball, eh? In every corner of the country (and even in some parts of the National Attic a.k.a. Canada) baseball fever is spreading like brush fires and body odor. in Baseball Diamonds, Kerrane has assembled an anthology of baseball writing from those you'd least expect. You get a few usual culprits in Kerouac and Updike -- both noted baseball fanatics. But Richard Hugo? Donald Hall? Bernadette Mayer? Philip Roth? All are baseball psychopaths, nut-bars, and humdingers. Be it in prose or poetics, baseball once again transcends its obvious borders. A great collection!

I couldn't find any images of this book online and since the scanner is back home, I decided to google search a couple classic baseball cards. first we have Gorman Thomas. He looks angry. He looks like he's swinging a stack of child support papers. He lead the league in DUI-RBI's in 1977 (not really). And Ross Grimsley. That is a sweet look. I saw one of those hats at the mall once. Its the one bald dudes buy to mask the fact that they're bald. Its a hat with a lot of hair attached. Usually in a mullet form. and sometimes these.


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