Saturday, February 16, 2008

UBC #1 - Frank by Jim Woodring - Signed!

Frank by Jim Woodring
Fantagraphics c2000 SIGNED! Paperback

what better way to kick off the blog than with Woodring's Frank. Bill Griffith, creator of Zippy the Pinhead put it best when he described Woodring as "patroling the perimer between cuteness and terror." I remember a few years back I attened a Dan Clowes/Kim Deitch "reading" in which a half dozen times the name "Jim Woodring" came up as "essential." Me, being the blind follower I am, immediately sought out some of his titles, notably Book of Jim and a few Star Wars related books. Frank though takes the cake. beautifully illustrated to give it an old-time feel--visually, like old Tom and Jerry cartoons. plus this beast is signed by Jim himself. double-plus for having the name Woodring which goes into the pantheon of bad ass names (along with ex-St. Louis outfielder Enos Slaughter and musician Mr. Quintron to name a few...well, two). this paperback book is in excellent condition and is a stated third edition from june 2000. did I mention IT'S SIGNED?!


please call or email to hold or purchase. only one copy, so its first come first serve. please note that we will only keep books on hold at the store for three days (including weekends).

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