Friday, February 22, 2008

UBC #5 Crack Up At The Race Riots by Harmony Korine PB

Crack Up At The Race Riots by Harmony Korine
Doubleday c1998 First Edition Paperback

i've never heard of this one before, but upon reading reviews online and seeing how sought-after this bad boy is, i figured it was blogable [new word. i made it.]. though i wasn't willing to completely commit to reading this one, i did flip through it rather briskly and determined that i'd liken it to a cross between mark danielewski and david shrigley. think of a series of lucid vignettes mirroring life's luculent absurdity and postmodern poverty. here's Korine's bio: "Harmony Korine is the self-educated twenty-three-year-old who wrote the screenplay for the controversial film Kids. Korine was raised in the carnival and currently resides in West Virginia." this explains a lot. i mean, i've actually been to and lived in [well, for two months, but still...] west virginia. how else would you explain this?

my apologies to west virginians for my sweeping generalizations.


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